Holding onto Pacific history and identity, Season 2 of Still Here premiers

After a successful first run, this season dives into the hearts of four Pacific collectives still holding it down in central 09.

Holding onto identity amidst a changing landscape.

An award-winning docu-series reigniting the history of remaining Pacific communities living in the inner city of Tāmaki Makaurau is back for its second run.

Season two of STILL HERE focuses on intergenerational voices of four communities speaking to the significance of past, present, and future Pacific presence in Central Auckland.

Production manager Gabrielle Solomona says this second series is particularly important as it solidifies and immortalises stories that have been forgotten.

“I learnt so much about the inner city during the filming of this. Places that I walk past most times such as the Samoa House on Karangahape Road. Not knowing historically it was a space dominated and occupied by Pasifika people.

“It’s now sadly turned into pretty much a lifeless building that we have to go through palagi to access.”

The first season of the docu-series centred predominantly on family homes and won Best Video Documentary at the 2023 Voyager Media Awards.

This time each episode depicts the range of lived experiences for four different communities, some of which were established over 60 years ago.

The Niuean Hakupu Village community group on Ariki Street who are fighting to keep their language alive.

A legacy of sports with the Richmond Rovers Rugby League Club and their deep connection to Grey Lynn park.

Le Fale Maota Samoa, the first Maota building to be erected outside of the nation that now sits behind a construction zone on Karangahape Road.

And, an iconic Kava Kalapu (club) that began on Dryden Street over 45 years ago.

Solomona says it’s an insight into individuals, families and community groups sharing their "why".

“For them it’s more than just holding onto location but also holding onto their ancestors’ stories and their identities as Pasifika.

“It’s sort of a statement from us saying, ‘excuse me ma’am! We've been here and we’re still here’.”

STILL HERE is available to watch on TVNZ+


This article was first published by The Pacific Media Network and is republished with permission of https://pacificmedianetwork.com/\

“For them it’s more than just holding onto location but also holding onto their ancestors’ stories and their identities as Pasifika."


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