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We understand that “competency” is a journey to understanding how best to work effectively with people of other cultures and diverse backgrounds, and that no one is ever fully “competent”. We are always learning.


Programme Overview

1-Day Workshops

We offer a standard 1-day workshop that covers a basic introduction on why it is important to pronounce names, and how to pronounce names/places etc correctly (ethnic specific). We then discuss diversity within Pacific communities to answer the question “why is engaging and understanding Pasifika important?”. We then look at the Pasifika migration history in NZ, and take a brief look at key Pacific demographics.

Exploring the main Pacific values is a session that brings greater awareness and understanding about differing worldviews and we provide some examples and tools you could embed into your practice and engagement with Pacific peoples in your workplace.

In the afternoon, we then tackle the differences between Pasifika and non-Pasifika belief systems and values. Always a popular session, we then discuss how to host an event for Pasifika guests at your workplace, including approaches to developing effective relationships. We then spend time discussing how engaging and understanding Pasifika values can make you a better manager and colleague.

To wrap up the day, we then delve into understanding the various customs and protocols of the Pacific – what are the do’s and don’ts? We do this by unpacking Pasifika scenarios/protocols through engaging talanoa (discussions) which can cover topics such as:

  • Responding to invitations from Pacific workmates to a Pacific wedding or funeral;
  • Pacific diplomacy – how to provide the perfect gift;
  • What to do when visiting a Pacific family in their home/community;
  • What to say and do when asked to speak at a family celebration;
  • How to manage conflict in work conversations;
  • How to respond when a Pacific worker ask for something, eg money;
  • What to do and say when a Pasifika employee brings his/her family and community issues into the workplace, and if possible, how to make this a strength of the organisation.


And finally, getting to the crux of the impact of this training, we look at what you can do or change to be more effective in the workplace by understanding some key factors such as, where are the majority of Pasifika people working throughout your organisation? In service delivery? In Management? In Governance? and what can your organisation do to encourage and support career pathways.

Our experience shows us that a 1 day workshop covering the above can be a really effective way of building competency.

2-Day Workshops

We then also offer a 2-day workshop which builds upon the '1-day' workshop, with the second day being focused on taking a deeper dive into the topics covered in day 1, focusing on strategies that your organisation can implement immediately.

Customising our Courses

We can tailor a workshop to meet your specific needs.

For example, we could run a generic session on pronunciation, offer a Fa’amatai level 2 hour workshop for your senior managers so that they can do a formal welcome, run a tailored workshop just for your HR team, or facilitate a strategic planning session.

We have worked across the health sector, education, local government, legal, defence force.

"Our ability to meet your very specific needs and tailor for pan-Pacific is what sets us apart."

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