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How our courses work
All Our Pacific Language Courses are Free!
How our courses work

When you enrol in our courses you’ll receive an email acceptance letter with a link to our online student learning platform PolyeLearning, where you’ll be able to access all your course materials. You’ll also receive a second email inviting you to join the online ZOOM class.

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All Our Pacific Language Courses are Free!

Great news! Our courses are fully funded by the Government. You just need to turn up and attend your classes. You can receive a completion certificate with a minimum of 80% attendance including lesson 10, but we recommend doing your best to attend all of them.

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The pace was really great for a beginner. I enjoyed being able to say something new at the end of every zoom lesson!

Introduction to Gagana Sāmoa (Sāmoan Language), Culture & Identity

I really enjoyed learning more on the language and culture.

Introduction to Fäeag Rotuḁm (Rotuman Language) culture and Identity

The class culture that was created by Ina made a safe environment where everyone was valued. Ina was so approachable and generous with her time and knowledge.

Intro to vagahau Niue

I really enjoyed the sharing of our Tutor and elders of the class, their wisdom and knowledge regarding the Sāmoan heritage and Oratory language.

Sāmoan Oratory

Learning to speak more fluent Tongan has always been a goal of mine, but I hadn’t really found a way to start that journey until I found this class.

Lea Faka-Tonga

The interactive nature of the class, being able to share and collaborate in our learning was very important. I enjoyed the relaxed format and Sa’uila being approachable and facilitating all our requests & learning styles.

Sāmoan Fa’amatai Bi-lingual Training (Introduction level).

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What will you get from our language courses?

Hands up if you've ever experienced or are currently experiencing any of the below:

  1. Been at a Pacific event and someone has told a joke and everyone’s laughing except you.
  2. Were asked to speak at a Pacific event and felt anxious about not knowing what to say.
  3. Worried about doing the wrong thing by not understanding the cultural protocols.
  4. Your parents speak your heritage language at home, but you can only answer in English.
  5. Your partner is Pacific, and you’d like to support your children in learning their heritage language.
  6. You want to learn your heritage language but have no one to support your learning.

Don’t worry, we’ve been there too! We totally get how difficult it is as an adult learner to try and learn a language and culture when you’re completely surrounded by English at school, at work, online and in the media.

Many of our learners are born here in Aotearoa NZ, and have limited access to heritage language speakers, so lack the confidence to speak or even understand. They’re finding that they’re becoming more disconnected, and struggle to participate in family, church and community activities where many Pacific cultural protocols are practiced.

That’s why we’re so excited to bring you a range of free short 10-week courses, which you can join in from the comfort of your home or office. Classes can be accessed online via live ZOOM video calls. Your tutor will cover set topics during the class, then you can access the learning materials covered in your own time, as well as additional support resources which you can find on your Student Learning Portal.


Joining our classes is a great way to start your language learning journey. At the Centre for Pacific Languages, we offer a safe learning environment where it’s ok to make mistakes. You’ll build your vocabulary, improve pronunciation and be able to demonstrate a verbal presentation covering information you’ve learnt across the 10-week journey at the end of your course.

The lessons are only 2 hours per week and can go by very quickly while you’re having fun learning and practicing with classmates.

Our short, sharp, practical-based language curriculum will help you start building your confidence so you can have day-to-day conversations across common topics.

Enrol today for our upcoming intakes or contact us for more information.

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