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A range of free NZQA-approved courses designed to help you learn Gagana Tokelau, the Tokelauan language.


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This course is right for you if you’re a beginner learner who’s never spoken Tokelauan before, or you have a basic understanding but want to gain confidence in using the language. The course is taught in English so learners do not need to be fluent in gagana Tokelau. It’s designed to help learners develop their language (gagana Tokelau) and cultural knowledge.

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Course duration

Taught over 10 weeks, students will join a 2-hour tutor facilitated class per week, and spend at least 1 hour per week doing revision and practice. Courses are a total of 30 hours of learning and practice.

What you need to do the course

This course is taught online. Learners must have access to a digital device (preferably a computer or laptop rather than a smart phone) and a stable internet connection. Minimum hardware requirements are in the FAQs.

Course content

Learners will gain the basic skills and knowledge of gagana Tokelau at an introduction level, as well as get an introductory understanding of the Tokelauan cultural practices.

Students will learn key information essential in any Pacific cultural context to communicate information about your identity:

  • your name
  • your home
  • your family, grandparents and ancestors (your family tree)
  • your village links

By the end of the course, you’ll be able to introduce yourself confidently with these key facts.

The course will also cover how to introduce yourself and how to respond to introductions. This course covers simple introductions equivalent to hello, good morning, good afternoon and good evening.

You’ll gain an introduction into the language used at key Pacific life events, such as birthdays, weddings and funerals.

Students who complete the course will have developed the knowledge and skills to be able to use greetings, build their vocabulary, converse at a basic level in a Pacific language, and act in a culturally appropriate way.



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19 Sep. 2022 28 Nov. 2022 Register Interest
Entry requirements

Applicants must be NZ Citizens, or permanent residents and be over 16 years of age, or 13 years of age with adult approval and supervision. This can be a parent, guardian or sibling over 16 years of age who will attend the class with any 13-15 year old.


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As a realm country of New Zealand, we are thrilled to be offering the NZ Tokelau community a FREE online course to support the revitalisation and maintenance of gagana Tokelau

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